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 Re: I switched. @rach
 2019.10.14 20:52:54 CEST
 rach recently posted about how they recently switched to a Mac Mini
 as their daily driver [0].
 I also received recently a new MacBook Pro and am using it as my new
 daily driver. Until recently I was using a Pixel Slate for most of my
 work and computer use.
 I liked the experience of using only a ChromeOS device and living off
 the cloud for most of my work. Yet I found myself going back to my
 older MacBook for gaming and development. If I could use the Slate
 in developer mode maybe it could satisfy my needs, but I can't do
 this due to IT policies at my work place.
 Don't feel bad for switching to a Mac - use whatever makes you more
 productive and happier.
 [0] gopher://sdf.org/0/users/rach/phlog/2018-12-28