Getting ready for new machine CEST

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 Getting ready for a new machine
 2019.10.07 20:20:05 CEST
 I have a new laptop arriving at the end of this week. If I'm lucky it
 will arrive before Friday, so I can manage to pick it up and have it
 during the weekend. If not, I'm only going to set it up next week.
 I don't know whether to just restore the backup from my current
 machine or take the opportunity to set it up from scratch. Or take
 a mixed approach - set the applications from scratch but retrieve the
 data from a backup.
 I feel I could automate this whole process, but how often do I go
 through this process? Probably maintaining the automation up-to-date
 would require more manual effort than manually running it once every
 now and then.
 What is your prefered method to setup new machines?