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 Re: Melancholy season, @tfurrows
 2019.09.30 14:02:07 CEST
 tfurrows recently posted about this melancholy season we appear to
 be going through right now [0].
 Since I posted about it, I heard from three more people about
 feeling the same. Something terrible also happened to a friend of
 mine - I can't discuss more about it, but it really shook me up and
 I'm still in a bit of shock and denial.
 I'm not sure about the cause. I grew up in a very religious family
 and as a consequence I developed an antipathy towards religion and
 spiritual subjects - so if you asked me five years ago I would
 reject any claim about this having a religious aspect. Now, I am not
 so sure. While I am still very skeptical of all supernatural claims,
 I'm not so sure about other philosophical aspects of religion and
 spiritual belief.
 I also think "post-truth" is somehow responsible for this. I haven't
 formulated a clear thought about this, but I can't help but ask how
 it influences people and their moods.
 [0] gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space/0/%7etfurrows/phlog/2019-09-27_reMe