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 @dgolds Re: We Have Always Been At War
 2019.08.04 21:28:06 -03
 The title of your post, "We Have Always Been At War", caught my
 attention, but for different reason than you exposed in your text,
 it surprised me to read about 1984.
 Recently I watched a Netflix documentary about the history of Brazil
 and how the national culture was shaped by the different (but not
 many) wars we went through. [0]
 While I don't agree completely with many of the points made in the
 documentary, one statement marked me.
 It was by Ailton Krenak [1], a leader of Brazilian indigenous
 movement. He stares at the documentary producers and says:
 "I don't know why you look at me with a happy face. We're at war.
 Your world and mine are at war."
 We have always been at war.
 When I read your post title, I assumed somehow you had also watched
 the recently released documentary and was going to talk about this.
 [0] https://www.netflix.com/br-en/title/81091385
 [1] https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ailton_Krenak