Pressure CEST re close to launching

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 2019.06.12 08:44:13 CEST
 We're close to launching the project I'm currently working on at
 work. It's been more than two years in the making and it's time to
 The system is the most complex distributed system I've helped design
 and write. I've learned a lot during the whole process and I wish I
 could share more. Maybe one day I get to write about it.
 As we get close to the finish line the pressure is increasing. We
 have some features to finish, bugs to squash, to review all training
 material and to make sure it's productionized properly. Some days I
 think there is too much pressure and our productivity is dropping
 because of it; others I'm optimistic.
 I know I can organize myself, keep track of my work and prioritize
 in normal situations; but I need to work on these skills when I'm
 under pressure.
 How do you handle high pressure situations?
 Do you keep your normal routines or switch to specific ones?
 If you use different workflows, how do they differ to "normal" ones?