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 2018.05.12 12:59:47 CEST
 I had a conversation with a relative recently about this same topic:
 how to get started with working in Tech. Although she really likes
 programming, she doesn't feel good enough to "compete" in the job
 market. My recommendation was to focus on things which scale. I know,
 it sounds silly and almost a cliché, but I'm serious.
 I look at many acquaintances of mine and they decided to work for
 themselves either in consulting or doing freelance projects. I think
 both of these can be done in ways which scale, but this usually isn't
 the case: they can take on just X amount of work because that's how
 many hours a week they can (or, if they can afford it, choose to)
 One alternative is to work on spreading knowledge. For example, by
 producing online courses one can reach as many students as they can
 attract (the effort of producing good content does not increase
 linearly with the size of the audience). If you can write well, then
 you have a head start on a lot of producers too.
 Her concern then became "not knowing enough", which most of the time
 isn't true (people tend to compare their backstage with other
 people's on-stage moments and end up believe they are not good or
 knowledgeable enough). Even if it is, it's a matter of dedicating
 some time and learning, which is required in any new endeavor anyway.
 Technology is always evolving and few are the ones able to keep up by
 themselves. If you enjoy helping people learn and develop themselves,
 and do this in a way which scales, you'll find the demand is
 constantly high.
 Good luck!