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 Last week I purchased a Purism 13 and a X200 flashed with Libreboot.
 I've been using a MacBook Pro for some time now and it has been a
 real struggle for me: on one side, I really enjoy how "everything
 just works" and how well graphics look (font rendering, colors, hidpi
 displays); on the other hand, OSX and the machine firmware are not
 free or open source software.
 I disagree with free software activists a lot of the time, specially
 with the extreme focus given exclusively to software but not so much
 on privacy, data protection and decentralization of services (unless
 using these as selling points) - but let's leave that for another
 entry. But one thing the free software and open software movements
 get right is the right one should have to read and modify the
 software running on one's machine.
 And not having the right to do this with the MacBook Pro is really
 bothering me. To the point I was considering moving to another
 machine. The recent Intel ME security issues were the straws that
 broke the camel's back, so I decided to buy a different machine,
 running Libreboot or Coreboot instead of proprietary firmware, and
 move to OpenBSD or Linux.
 I've always been a fan of Lenovo machines, but the recent Lenovo
 security issues and compatibility with Libre/Coreboot were blockers.
 So I decided to buy a Lenovo X200 with Libreboot (I had one of these
 machines in the past, but donated it) and a Purism 13. My plan is to
 test both machines and try to satisfy this internal struggle I have
 with running non-free software and firmware.