Ok So decided to set up

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/stecla/phlog/xwin_netbsd

Setting up xwindows on netbsd (why?)

Ok So I decided to set up X11 on netbsd inside virtual box. Why? cuz it was
fun... that's all.
Of course there are not vbox drivers for netBSD yet but I did get it working
and here's how:

first run X -configure  (this makes an xorg.conf file for you)
now edit your xorg.conf file
You need to make the following changes:

	1 add two lines under the "monitor" section
	     HorizSync    31-80
	     VertRefresh  30-100

	2 add the following line to your "screen" section above the
	   the first SubSection "display" area.
	     DefaultDepth 24

	3 add the following line to your Subsection"DISPLAY" where
	    you find the DEPTH 24 listed  (if you don't have one
	    you can add a new subsection display.
		MODES     "1280x1024"

Then you run the vbox in scaled mode.
There are other depths available.
When you startx you can run the xrandr command in an x window to see the
modes you have available to you and then you can add the one you want to the

But windowmaker seemed to work great.
Then an install of firefox and I was off and running.

Have fun!