Oh haaaaaaai s been a

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Oh haaaaaaai

It's been a while since I last phlogged. There has been so much updates I don't
even know where to start.

Well, I'm back in the workforce. I started working again about 2 weeks ago...
and I just had an interview for another job yesterday. Ha ha! I was off
yesterday so I might as well go for the interview. I actually really like this
role more than what I am doing now... I guess the big plus for this job is that
I would not have to travel 1.5-2 hours one way for work. Well, we shall see
next week if I get it.

My aNONradio.net show "Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Live Mix by snowdusk!" has a
new timeslot to accomodate my crazy work schedule now.

I sold my long time DJing companion -- my Pioneer DDJ-SX2 DJ controller a
couple of weeks ago which kind of made me a sad... suprisingly, just a bit. I
had been using it for the past 3 years for my aNONradio show and also for DJing
in small events. I unfortunately needed the money at that time and that's why I
decided to part with it. I still have my older Pioneer CDJ-350Ws and DJM-350W
which I was using before I got the controller and so that's what I have been
using recently for my 'radio' show. This equipment is still doing great even
though it involves manual work to get things accomplished and it has fewer
features. The great thing about this equipment is that I do not have to connect
it to a computer just to play music unlike the controller and that it plays

Our long time sysadmin/leader smj is leaving SDF, as a sysadmin anyway, and so
I am very sad about that. He has been the only sysadmin and leader that I've
known since I joined SDF in 2003. SDF would not be the same without him... but
I have full confidence with the new sysadmins that they would do a great job. I
would like to wish smj the best for his future endeavours and I would like to
give him my huge gratitude for his hard work running the gig for a very long

I've had issues with my feet recently and so I had to go to a chiropodist
yesterday. I did not understand first why all of a sudden I started having
issues because I am quite an active guy -- I walk a lot and even run from time
to time. One thing I've learned from that visit -- wear the proper shoes
(meaning say good-bye to stylishness) and start walking A LOT more slowly. 

I've been dealing well with my emotional/mental issues well... I think. I
stopped going to my psychotherapist last March because I could no longer afford
it since I quit my job... and I must say, I've been doing OK without his
supervision... and that's great! I have had a few reoccurrences/remissions but
I was able to deal with them on my own. The worst one was a few days ago as a
result of dealing with a really serious family crisis and I just wished I just
died in my sleep. I'm still too scared to hurt myself -- which is good.... but
the thought was constantly hounding me for days.

I've been exploring my spirituality again... which is great. I've been
contemplating in reviving my faith which I have lost a couple of years ago. I
feel safer, calmer and my mind is more at ease when there is some kind of faith
existing in my life. I really think one of the reasons that faith/religion
exists is to make life so much easier.

I guess that's all the updates I have for now. See you in a bit!