t Force It I was

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Don't Force It

I was going to seclude myself again from the world until someone from Mastodon
gave me some encouraging words which has been resonating inside my mind
everytime I feel like giving up:

"Just keep being you."

Thank you... You know who you are! It may not mean a lot to some people but to
me it does.

... however, I have to remember that I cannot make everyone like me. My shrink
has been reminding me that everytime and yet I keep forgetting it.

It is just sad that I really like this someone (like as a friend, person)  but
they just stopped talking to me. I am still wondering why to this day. I would
never ever offend anyone unless they offend me (I try not to retaliate as much
as I could... to me the silence treatment works best). I would never ever make
anyone uncomfortable. 

So I still do not not know why they stopped talking to me.

It really makes me sad but it's time to move on. I will not dwell on this any
longer. I wish they had given some kind of explanation.

It's time to be an adult, snowdusk!