nightmare Last night my brother

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Last night my brother woke me up from this nightmare I was having last night.
He said I was moaning pretty loud. I still clearly remember the nightmare I
had. I was in this rocky island with my parents and brothers. We were moving to
a new house. It was cloudy and very windy. We then went in to this cottage-like
house in the middle of nowhere. That was supposed to be the new house we
bought. In the house there was a strange statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary...
strange because it had an eerie face... the eyes were looking up and they
looked very scary. I then found myself sleeping next to my brother. I opened my
eyes in the dream and then suddenly exorcising demons apparently inside the
room... and the strange statue of the Virgin Mary was there. I tried yelling
"In the name of Jesus Christ get out of this house!"... but I was having a hard
time saying it... I was slurring... I could not open my mouth. All I heard was
me moaning. I was even praying the Lord's Prayer in Latin in my head... I was
desperate and very scared... but I still kept shouting at the demon... the
weird thing was that I could not see the demon... I was thinking the demon was
coming out of that strange statue... that's when my brother woke me up.

These nightmares of demons have to stop.

... am I possessed????

I watch too much horror movies...

... I was also thinking that I have gone too distant from God. 

... I then went to the kitchen, had a glass of water, then told my brother
about my dream. I then went back to bed but before I closed my eyes to sleep, I
decided to pray... something I have not done in months... maybe years.