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10:27 +0000 >> Back to Basics

So I finally figured out how to create my own gopherspace. I am no 
UNIX pro but I can pretty much figure out anything... just give me a 
manual and a bit of patience for some trial and errors. I like simplicity.
I like how things were back in the '90s. I used both gopher and the 
world wide web in university way back when things on the Internet were 
so much more simple, without so many complications. Stuff were much easier 
to find on the Internet back then. Screw images, videos, forms, java, flash, 
etc. I just can't keep up with technology. My computer is getting old 
so fast with the pace technology is going through. I just can't 
afford to keep upgrading my gizmos every 5 years or less. Technology 
is good though, don't get me wrong... but I chose to be different. 
Different is good.

Let's go back to basics, shall we?

Hello again gopher! It's been a long time since I last used you. 
Let's be friends again :)