Thankfully do not recall ever readi

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/slugmax/phlog/reply-to-solderpunk-thoughts-on-pseudo-anonymity

Solderpunk talks about pseudonymity [0] and the issues surrounding
t. Thankfully I do not recall ever reading that bit of bad advice
by Eric Raymond.

think some of my posts over the past year or two have been fairly
close to the line he speaks of, beyond which is my real identity for
anyone who looks hard enough. Some posts or information on hobbies I
dentity (the best example of this is my amateur radio license call
SDF identity. I only use SDF email for local communication with
other SDF members, for example.

Still, the way I use SDF is exactly how I want to use SDF, so I'm OK
name or talk about my other, more public interests I'd create a new
account at SDF. That raises other issues around having both accounts
that is why this is all pseudo-, and not truly anonymous.

[0] gopher://sdf.org/0/users/solderpunk/phlog/pseudonymity-woes.txt