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title: Fighting a Sedentary Lifestyle – Week 4
author: Steven
date: 2018-07-19 11:56:42
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Week 4 added 7 minutes to the total running time. This morning's run, the third and final one, was easier than the earlier ones. Definitely encouraging! I had been worried that it was all too much too soon.

I start Week 5's runs on Saturday. That run will mark the first time in the program that I don't do the same thing for 3 runs in a row. But, since next week adds only 4 minutes to my total running time, it feels less scary than this week, especially since I ended the week strong.

Staying off social media has gotten easier over time. Mark Zuckerberg's behavior has made it especially easy to stay away from networks that he owns (Facebook and Instagram). I still do need to use social media for work, and I have not yet figured that part out. For example, this post will get reposted within Facebook without me doing anything extra. Should I be disabling that? I'm not sure.