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title: Coaching session with Carol Monda
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I had a wonderful coaching session the other day with Carol Monda.

If you don't know her work, scroll through her audiobook credits, choose one, and listen... They are all great.

Carol has an amazing voice and uncanny acting instincts. I was honored to have some one-on-one time with her to help refine my technique.

Here is what she said:
"WOW! Steven is a pro. His background in acting, writing instruction and accent acquisition is invaluable in this medium."

"We went over 3 very differing pieces of fiction. Although his narrative read was initially less colored than his spot-on character work, he quickly and adroitly adjusted the POV, which humanized and energized the entire read."

"We discussed text mapping, the virtue of slow pacing and discovering the moments as they unfold. We touched on his 'sound', and the kinds of books I'd envision he'd most often be asked to do. I think in addition to mystery and CH/YA genres, he'd do very well with SciFi/Fantasy."

"Steven inspired me to begin reading the 1st chapters of books as a reader would before doing any work on marking or character notes. His questions are smart, and his insight sharp. Thank you for teaching me tonight, Steven!"
Thank you Carol, for both the praise and the constructive feedback. My narrative reads are becoming more emotive, and my pacing is becoming more solid, day by day.

So, now the hard work begins -- finding good demo material.

Carol suggested Mystery, Children/Young Adult, and Science Fiction/Fantasy pieces. She also suggested that I use male authors (since there is a bias in the industry toward having the gender of the reader match the gender of the author), and that I try to find dialogue between male and female characters (since my female reads are spot on).

If anyone has any pieces in these genres that they think I should try, let me know!
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