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title: It’s been a while
author: Steven
date: 2012-12-30 03:55:36
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Many months have passed since my last post, and a lot has happened.

And, by now, you have probably noticed one big change -- this site is not running gasp or drupal (or wordpress for that matter).

I was playing around with gasp, in hopes of modifying it to work in a database-less (XML) mode. First, I messed with sqLite, then I moved onto pure file-based solutions.

That was when I stumbled upon Get Simple CMS. It had already implemented a lot of what I was trying to achieve.

And, the features that GS is missing (like integration with audio.js), I can easily implement in plugins to share with the community.

Aside from the change in cms, you are probably seeing a change in URL: stevenjaycohen.com has become sjc.sdf.org

I recently migrated my site over to sdf.org, a Public Access Unix system that has been online since 1987. I like supporting groups like SDF, in part, because they keep the original spirit of the internet alive.

And, owning my own domain, started to feel like overkill (or maybe hubris -- I'm not exactly certain). I just didn't need it anymore.

I'm still figuring everything out here at SDF, but expect things to evolve over here as I continue to explore and learn.