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title: #iRU Brian Hollis making GENERATIONS simple
author: Steven
date: 2010-11-11 02:46:35
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Brian Hollis explains GENERATIONS, inRESONANCE's Fundraising and Development solution. Covering concepts as diverse as Soft Credits, Fiscal Years, and Batch Numbers, Brian makes complex concepts simple.

Most of my experience with GENERATIONS comes from coding Generations Web Services (GWS). GWS allows you to deploy a dynamic online giving page that feeds directly into your Development solution. GWS was the first product from inRESONANCE coded in Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

GWT marked a sea change in our web development, leading to Re-enrollment Web Services (RWS), giving PORTAL and SANDBOX users incredible control over dynamic web forms. Look for more Web Services from inRESONANCE levereging Google's GWT in the not to distant future!