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title: #irDevCamp A FileMaker BarCamp
author: Steven
date: 2010-11-10 03:45:53
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"Before you just dive in and start coding," says Charlie, "I'm going to encourage you NOT to open FileMaker for the next hour. What are all the features? What are all the things its going to need to do?"

DevCamp is really a kind of BarCamp focused on Open FileMaker. Charlie Bailey, CIO of inRESONANCE, talks about building cool quick-and-dirty projects that we can complete during our 3 days together.

Lots of people are focusing on the new FileMaker Go. People are looking for ways to extend their current solutions by enabling input/interaction with the iOS platforms.

As we discuss our projects, we range from how to sense if someone is on an iPhone/iPad to the advantages of using SQL for complex queries. Eventually, we pare down the list, get everyone into groups and get down to business!