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title: Link: Improving User Workflows with Single-Page User Interfaces :: UXmatters
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date: 2010-03-12 02:40:35
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	Marrying web pages with applications is a tricky business. One must remember that the history of the Web affects end user expectation of how a site will behave. As we start to embed applications into sites, we must learn how best to bring these two disparate sets of expectations together.

	From Improving User Workflows with Single-Page User Interfaces :: UXmatters:

	Single-page Web applications are much better at supporting complex user workflows than multi-page Web applications are. ... And it's not just customers who benefit. A better user experience can only increase your site's conversion rate and customer satisfaction and loyalty.


	Just having a single-page user interface is not enough, of course, if it's not well designed. Both a Web application's overall layout and its controls require special attention