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title: Fixing RSS auto-discovery in Drupal 6
author: Steven
date: 2010-02-23 11:15:47
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	I love running my site in Drupal. But, there is one thing that I miss from my days using Wordpress -- Auto-discovery of my RSS feed(s).


	It sounds like a small thing, I know, but when you use your website to push information around the internet, it really helps to have auto-discovery.


	By default, Drupal does not have auto-discovery. But by using Site Verify, you can fix this in a few seconds.


	Site Verify adds tags to the head section of the html on your site's index page. It was designed to be used by services that require you to add tags to prove that you are the owner of a site.


	But, by simply adding:




	web browsers and (more importantly for my needs) web spiders all find my site's default feed.