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title: Buzzing about Chrome?
author: Steven
date: 2010-02-11 12:25:57
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	Slowly but surely, my tech life gets more "Googley".


	I spend my days coding using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) using the Google Eclipse Plugin. I will be going to the Google I/O 2010 conference, including Google's Boot Camp. Gmail is my main source of contact for email and instant messaging (my gmail email address is my username on every IM network that I use)...


	And now, with Google Buzz, the big G woos me away from Facebook by integrating social networking with the nerve center of my online communication.


	But wait, there's more!


	I am writing this post using Chrome - Google's web browser. During its development, I have installed (and subsequently uninstalled) Chrome many times. This is the first time I have found Chrome to be more than a curiosity. Even before the rise of Apple's Safari, I have been a fan of the WebKit rendering engine (back then, it was called KHTML). So, when Apple built Safari off the Konqueror core, it quickly became my default browser -- until yesterday.


	Google's build of WebKit seems more responsive than Apple's and Google let's me add extensions (like ad-blocking) to my browser without hacks or other unsupported coding. In short, I am finding Chrome to be the best of Safari (smooth, standards-compliant rendering) plus the best of Firefox (supported plugin architecture).


	Could I get any more "Googley"? Only if my next phone runs Android OS.