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title: Safari v3: A moving target
author: Steven
date: 2007-10-02 11:14:17
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	Although the builds are called nightlies, many of them are being issued each day now. I take this as a good sign. Safari v3's final release must be immanent.Version 3 seems to handle some CSS that the earlier version did not. This may mark the "end" of GV as a regularly updated project. After some testing, it may be better to release a few different versions of the stylesheet: one optimized for Safari v2 (and other older browsers), one aggressive one for Safari v3, and one conservative one for Safari v3.The great thing about blocking ads with a stylesheet is that it is simple to deactivate on a site that gives you false positives, and reactivate again once you leave that site. Also, it is not a plugin and does not run into compatibility issues.I am going to discuss this approach with the regular contributors and see what they think. Please feel free to chime in with your opinions.