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title: Now with FLASH BLOCKING
author: Steven
date: 2007-07-24 10:16:31
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	There have been lots of changes to Good Vibrations this month. I have gotten reports of (and fixed) many site-related bugs. But, the thing that excites me most so far is flash-based ad blocking. You can test it out in the current beta:




	Oh, if your results are different than mine, remember that I often test things out against the nightly builds of Safari, which is newer than the public beta.


	I found that I was able to manipulate flash ads with the following code:



	(Identifies all flash elements)


	I was very happy to see that this simple bit of code was able to identify flash in Safari.


	{ border: double thick red; max-height: 5px; max-width: 5px; overflow: hidden ! important }

	(puts a double red border around all flash elements and only shows them as a 5 by 5 square)


	This is great, but not very practical since no flash is usable at all this way.


	{position: fixed; margin-top: -1000px}

	(allowed me to shift the flash off the top of the screen)


	Again, this was great too, but it meant that I could not use flash at all.


	{ visibility: hidden ! important }

	(Kind of like display: none, but with one major difference)


	The difference is that this actually catches flash ads! So, I was able to add this line to the parts of the file that block ads by size and any flash ads that are common sizes are now blocked just like simple image banners. I will be testing this out over the next week. Please help me out by using the beta. On August 1st, I will post it to the official definition list.


	Good Vibrations is picking up steam. Thanks for all of your help!