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title: GoodVibrations.css: an adblocker for your Surfin’ Safari
author: Steven
date: 2007-06-28 11:09:01
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	Safari is my default browser (on both Mac OSX and Windows, I use Konqueror when in Linux). So, I wanted to harness Safari's built-in capacity to use Custom Style Sheets as an ad-blocking solution. After looking around on the web, I found these 2 great CSS files:


	• http://www.floppymoose.com

	• http://www.gozer.org/mozilla/ad_blocking/


	As I surfed the web, I started to customize the file for sites that I visited. A few friends aasked if they could have copies of the file. They started submitting their changes to me. And, that's why I decided to post it here.


	GoodVibrations.css will work with Safari (for Mac OS X and Windows) as well as other browsers. Most of the CSS here will work on any browser. Any browser-specific code will be optimized for the WebKit/KHTML Rendering Engine. Safari, Konqueror, OmniWeb, and Shiira are just some of the browsers that use WebKit/KHTML to render pages.


	This file will be updated monthly based upon submissions from users like you. So, if you make personal modifications that improve GoodVibrations.css, please head over to this page and submit them as comments below.


	The current file (pre July 1, 2007) is listed as beta. By July 1st, I will include Windows install instructions. From that point on, the version numbers will be done as month-year (example: 7-2007).


	Click here to Download