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title: note to self
author: Steven
date: 2007-01-12 04:59:48
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	Remember, car insurance just insures the car... to insure stuff you leave in the car, you need renter's/homeowner's insurance. So, somewhere in Holyoke, a little girl just received a large, fluffy, white teddy bear. She probably said something like, "Thank you, daddy" But, daddy didn't get it from a store.


	That came to me, full blown, when Olivia asked, "What will they do with my bear?" Olivia was sad, but not devastated. When we talked about the little girl playing with it, she was kind of happy in fact. But, when we talked about the person who gave it to her, for the first time ever, I saw genuine anger in my daughter's eyes. And then, she cried.