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title: A WordPress tip for Safari users
author: Steven
date: 2006-11-13 11:40:07
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It's no where near as fancy as the one in Mozilla-based browsers (Camino, Firefox, SeaMonkey, Flock, etc.), but for those of us who prefer Apple's Safari, it's a lot more than we get in WordPress right now. And, this is how I got it working:

Using the User Agent spoofing settings on the Debug Menu, I ran through what WordPress looked like with each of the other browsers chosen. By pretending to be a Mozilla-based browser, Safari got the fancy toolbar, but could only Bold, Italicize, and set alignment. The other buttons did not work. And, adding images showed other formatting limitations. But, setting the browser to Konqueror 3, gave me the buttons above, and they work great! It shouldn't be a surprise that Safari and Konqueror would be compatible. After all, Apple's WebKit is based on KDE's KHTML (which drives Konqueror). After work today, I am going to submit this to WordPress, so hopefully, they can enable it by default in their next update.