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title: Chromium – The iTunes 7 look for ALL of OSX
author: Steven
date: 2006-11-08 11:11:23
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	In the spirit of Iridium, let me take a moment to introduce it's darker sibling: Chromium.



	I have been working on a theme that applies the iTunes 7 look to all of MacOS X. I have taken interface elements from iTunes, Iridium, and from many themes built by other people in order to make this work. Because a large chunk of the art is not mine, Chromium will not be posted to places like MacUpdate. For access to my private theme archive, sign up to be a member of this site.  No support is offered for this download. This link is left here for historical/archival purposes. Use it at your own risk. 1. The version mentioned in this post 2. One that I am currently working on