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title: Thoughts on Iridium
author: Steven
date: 2006-10-26 06:00:10
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	I feel like I should start this post with something like rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.


	Iridium has not seen an update since v1.9F. That F was meant to stand for final. And, it seems that Iridium still installs fine under 10.4.8, so there is no reason for an update. And, though I do get questions from people who want to download a "newer" version, I have not been contacted by anyone willing to help with continued development.


	I truly enjoyed working with Colin Cornaby to make Iridium Intel Mac compatible. He is a wonderful coder and a really great guy. I think Colin's app, Catalyst, will revolutionize GUI tweaks on the Mac when it is done. When it is released, I will port Iridium to his system as a free theme and also as a base template for others to build upon.


	I had wanted to continue expanding Iridium by adding skins for the iLife applications among others. But, as I have stated before, it is just too much work to do on my own. I am not willing to take Iridium commercial and I am not willing to take donations of money for this project. Iridium will only continue to be expanded if other people will donate their time to help make it happen.