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title: On the fate of Iridium
author: Steven
date: 2006-04-19 01:53:50
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	The requests to continue Iridium have not fallen upon deaf ears. In it's current state, Iridium will install on all versions of Mac OS X 10.4.x. It was last tested against 10.4.5, but it works fine with 10.4.6 and will continue to function normally with the entire 10.4 series of releases. If an update uninstalls Iridium, simply re-install it. If you use Apple's Combo¬Ě updater's, they will uninstall Iridium because of changes Apple made in 10.4.3. Re-installing Iridium after an update will not undo fixes by Apple.


	This of course assumes that you are using a macintosh powered by a PPC (G3, G4, or G5) processor and not an Intel based one. The suggestion that I check into the work at White Magic Labs will not deliver Iridium to Intel I am afraid. I am though working with some people on creating an Extras2.rsrc file. When it is done, I will release it as Iridium v1.9F.


	Iridium is still EOL (End Of Life) as I will not be adding app skins or other things to further unify the OS. Think of Intel Support as Iridium's swan song.


	I am expecting some radical changes to the UI (User Interface) from Apple for the release of 10.5. I am also expecting a radical change in the look of the hardware as well. Here's hoping that Apple unifies its own UI and tools like Iridium are no longer necessary.