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title: Rowan’s Axiom
author: Steven
date: 2003-11-29 11:37:24
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	As it says at the bottom of this site, it's "powered by b2." And, so far, I am loving it. It's simple, quick, and intuitive. So, since I like it, I figured I should head over to their site and learn about the software. What I found was interesting. B2 has been forked (split up) into a few different projects. One is called WordPress and another is calledb2evolution. I saw that there were both new features and some bug fixes. When I saw bug fixes, my usual resistance to updating software was overcome. Although b2evolution said their upgrade from b2 was easy, it seemed harder than the upgrade from wordpress. So, I tried upgrading to wordpress...


	bad idea


	Last night, the site broke.  After fixing it, I checked around some more and found that the wordpress people also had added the current bugfixes back into b2. So, this morning, I just upgraded to the latest version of b2. If anyone reading this knows about either of the new b2 forks, let me know. Since I don't think b2 is being actively developed anymore, I would like to migrate to something that is. And, if it's based on b2, even better.


	This brings me to what I refer to as Rowan's Axiom. Whenever I work on computers, I repeat this like a mantra: "If it ain't broke, don't upgrade it!" And, once again, the axiom proved it's worth.


	Rowan, ya told me so