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title: starlet crushes?
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date: 2003-09-24 10:03:46
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Kaitlin commented that my starlet crushes don't seem to match up with the women that she has known me to date. So, I figured that was a good jumping off point for a totally superficial entry like this one. Helen Mirren over here. She has been known to bewitch my gaze. Even in more recent roles. This woman is definitely a fine wine and is aging so very well.
Then there is Miranda Richardson. Well, maybe I have a thing for women who have invoked Morgana and Queen Mabd? Who knows? So, anyone familiar with my dating history can easily make a connection with the Marvelous Ms. Miller here.
Then of course, there is the woman that needs no introduction. The woman who proved to many a young boy about my age that yes indeed we did have hormones. The woman who once said of the London theatre critics, "No good turn goes unstoned." Dame Diana Rigg... ahhh...
Maybe this is a throw back to a high school crush I had on Gayl Graffeo (who looks just like Ally sheedy here). But, in one of my few celebrity encounters, Ms. Sheedy actually succeeded in striking me dumb. I could not speak. It's true! Ask Kenny Kramer. He was there and he wouldn't let me forget it.

And, since we are back in the 1980's, I may as well include the voice behind Jessica Rabbitt. Who can resist her voice? Who would want to resist her voice?
Do bees be-ith? Do bears bear-ith? I don't give a flying fig what any of you think! But, since I am walking through my 80's brain, I can't not mention Ms. Hayes! And she only got better as time went on. I think Cybill Shepherd was devistatingly gorgeous by the time she got her short lived sitcom.
And that brings me to Alicia Witt... Cybill's sassy second daughter on that too-short-lived sitcom. And, to be completely superficial about it, Ms. Witt is probably the woman that makes sense out of this whole thing. Especially with this picture of her here. From Diana Rigg all the way to Sara Rue, I can find points of similarity here within Ms. Witt.

So, does that mean that I would think her (or her character Zoe) to be the perfect woman? No. In truth, I have no idea if it means anything at all.