Gopher Gopherspace in this case

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/rbigelo/gopher.txt

Gopher & Gopherspace

 "Gopher" - in this case - is an information service, network
 protocol, and distributed document delivery system which uses a
 hierarchical file structure that transcends system architectures
 to deliver files and documents.

 A "network protocol" is a set of instructions by which one computer
 connects to other computers on a network. The computer in which
 a Gopher resides does so with other networked computers so the
 Gopher can deliver documents to them.

 Gopher is also an online "space" that is free of advertising and
 commercialism. Because it doesn't use "cookies," display images,
 support Flash, Java or Java-script, Gopher may be the last
 commercial-free space on the Internet.

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