the hard things are in made

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Hard Things 2

Wow, the hard things are in motion!

September, I made some extremely vague references to making some

Now that I've made the plunge and my current employer knows about
t, I can talk about it: I'm uprooting my family and taking a new

Well, the first big item is done and the process now has a life on
ts own (picture the Sorcerer's Apprentice from Disney's
Fantasia).  I've traveled well and far out of my comfort zone
already: traveling and interviewing, selling myself and smiling
until my smile muscles hurt.

And now that it's done and I have the job, a whole stream of hard
things are coming my way: selling a house, buying a house, selling

But I feel very good about it.  The new employer creates software
as the primary function of the company - not as an afterthought.
Also, I'll be with other people who also create software.  The
thought is both exhilirating and intimidating.

That Nim Types phlog post?

My interest hasn't waned an iota.

Now I just need a free moment.