Writing entry is bit tricky because

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/ratfactor/phlog/2018-08-13-Gopher-Logging-in-Eleven-Lines-of-Shell

= Gopher Logging in Eleven Lines of Shell =

Writing today's entry is a bit tricky because I'm writing it with
the help of the very thing I'm writing about; describing the
thing with the thing.  It feels a little like "Drawing Hands",
the MC Escher lithograph where a pair of hands draws each other
nto existance.

As the title suggests, I finally broke down and scripted these
the computer do the work", but I often get myself into trouble
by putting the cart before the horse: inventing automation for
things I haven't done yet even once manually.  Not this time;

A whole three!  I'm practically an old hand, now.

Further, I practiced great restraint in the automation.

So here are the eleven lines:

	date=$(date +%Y-%m-%d)
	fname="$date-$(echo "$title" | tr ' ' '-')"
	if [ ! -f $srcpath ]; then echo "= $title =" >> $srcpath; fi
	vim $srcpath
	sed "s//$date/" src/gophermap > publish/goph...
	fmt -w67 $srcpath > publish/phlog/$fname
	scp publish/gophermap $sdf:gopher/
	scp publish/phlog/$fname $sdf:gopher/phlog/

To create this entry, I typed (let's see...CTRL-Z...)

	$ ./today.sh "Gopher Logging in Eleven Lines of Shell"

Which created the file you're now reading and wrote the title at
the top.  As soon as I finish editing this, it will pass the file
through 'fmt' to reflow the paragraphs to a mainframe-worthy 67
columns, and then upload the result to my Gopher space on SDF.org.

The neat bit, as you may have noticed above, is that I have also
turned my gophermap file into an ad-hoc template by putting a

	Last updated: 

Which is replaced by the 'sed' command with the current date.
The new gophermap is also written and uploaded.

Here's what the structure looks like:

	dave@wizard~/d/proj/sdf/gopher$ tree
	├── publish
	│   ├── gophermap
	│   └── phlog
	│       ├── 2018-08-09-First-Post
	│       ├── 2018-08-10-The-Logging-Habit
	│       └── 2018-08-12-Weekend-Tech-Scramble
	├── src
	│   ├── gophermap
	│   └── phlog
	│       ├── 2018-08-09-First-Post
	│       ├── 2018-08-10-The-Logging-Habit
	│       ├── 2018-08-12-Weekend-Tech-Scramble
	│       └── 2018-08-13-Gopher-Logging-in-Elev...
	└── today.sh

	4 directories, 10 files

As soon as I save this, the new entry will end up in the publish/

long.  But for now, I'm reveling in the minimalism.  I'll try
to hold off on complexity for as long as I can.

Oh, and I must add that I would absolutely be using 'rsync', but
t turns out that you have to be a MetaARPA member on SDF to have
-r' to recursively copy everything in publish/, but that would

			    *	*   *

the #gopher channel.

This is a very warm little community so far and I feel very much
at home here in my little burrow.

Good night my fellow rodents!

			    *	*   *

Next morning update: Naturally there was a mistake in one of the
"eleven lines" and my script happily published the *unformatted*
version of the entry.  My appologies to anyone who tried to
bad descisions...which is why I have a strict policy about not
(and the copy of it above).  We'll see if I got it right when