This is my very first entry

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/ratfactor/phlog/2018-08-09-First-Post

= First Post! =

This is my very first "phlog" entry on my SDL account's Gopher

Very exciting.

to see each change and nervous that I'm doing it all wrong.

barrier of entry for newcomers. This would have been amazing back 
are a good thing. But this has a certain beauty all its own.

There are a number of reasons I find Gopher appealing, but the
number one reason is that it is


my choice of font, background color, text color, etc. These things
are now firmly where they belong: in the hands of the user. The
content is utterly pure text.

What I plan to do here?

  * keep updating this phlog 
  * perhaps post some fiction experiment
  * with text-based games delivered via gopher

ended up removing most of it because it just felt silly. There
languished and sat unloved and out of place.

Here, these things make sense.

Hmmm... oh yeah, and I plan to write a little script to automate
this phlog directory by having it generate the titles from the
first line of the file or something equally simple.

 + + +

avenues to contact me through some extremely 1337 SDL fashion, but
until then, you can use the contact form on my website:


Until next time, happy burrowing, my new little rodent friends!