Nostalgia an original Bondi Blue in

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/rach/phlog/2021-02-21

Nostalgia Trip.

an original Bondi Blue iMac, in mint condition. It was owned by an older
couple, and came with all of the software, the original box, and the 
manuals. Incredible find.

The second is a Power Mac G4, dual 1GHz processors. All decked out with
the maximum 2GB of RAM, and works beautifully. It is the old mirrored-

of edutainment software from the 90s, so I'll have some fun with that.

All of this Mac nostalgia is making me want to pick up a G5 system. They
can be had very inexpensively these days, and it would be fun to play
around with some ppc64 distros.