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A bit about everything

pet84rik seemed to be a bit surprised[0] finding out that I'm Hungarian when he 
encountered one of my toots written in Hungarian. Indeed I am. 
That particular toot[1] was actually a rant about double taxation -- the 
somewhat special topic and the lack of Hungarian accutes (as I was typing that 
on an English keyboard) could explain why it was hard to understand, so probably 
your Hungarian is not that rusty as you might think, Peter.

By the way I was also thinking about publishing some phosts in Hungarian - as 
pet84rik does in Slovakian -, but I dropped the idea since the reach of these 
posts would be quite small (as I think there could be hardly more than a handful 
of Hungarian folks on Gopher at max -- in fact I don't know any). So I just 
stick to English.


In other news, I am quite impressed with Solus. I was planning to run a dual 
boot system on Borges (Solus and *BSD), but I somewhat grew old I guess. Let me 

Since the kid was born (and I already phlogged about this) I consider time as my 
most valuable posession. I started to value stuff that require less 
experimenting, less "soldering" and less afterwork. I want my computer to be 
ready for what I need right after install and reboot. Solus does that and it 
does that fast and in a reliable way. I am not sure whether it is Borges or 
Solus, but a full installation took 12(!) minutes, plus the compulsory 
after-installation update (another 5 minutes). I had a working system in a bit 
more than a quarter of an hour, and this is weird, since I was used to 
installations taking 20-30 minutes and then some workarounds and updates 
and fixes. 

I know that for real geeks using a "user-friendly distro" is somewhat pathetic, 
and little reliance on the bash and using the GUI for the vast majority of stuff 
is even worse, because these guys love learning the hard(er) way and they 
appreciate the flexibility and the freedom provided by the shell.

And that is fine. I was like this for a very long time.

My user behavior changed a lot, also the daily tasks I perform on my computer. 
Mostly I either write or read (browse), and that can be accomplished just as 
well on the graphical interface. I don't use complex tools, my regular 
applications right now are Firefox, nano or gedit and solderpunk's VF-1[2]. 

I rarely code lately, but I write some short stories just to entertain myself, 
which can be perfectly done in gedit, also in nano (I don't like vim, probably 
because I never had the patience to learn it properly). And if I am working via 
SSH, that can be done from any distro.


On Sunday I've spent some time with my bookshelf. I haven't really had the time 
to tidy it up since our move to the new house. Also I have my collection 
scattered across multiple places: about one third is already in my study, half 
of it is still in my father's house and the rest is in the living room. I wanted 
to have them in one place so I moved a couple of boxes from my father -- and I 
realized that my shelf is already full, so soon enough I have to make a trip to 
IKEA or to some other store to get another bookshelf.

Also I moved the stuff from the old desk to the new one (Amethist, the three 
monitors, all the peripherials, Aberdeen, the printer and so on) and frankly, I 
am amazed how big the new desk is, as it can easily host all my junk. I could 
even find space for my MIDI keyboard on it if I want to. I am amazed mainly 
because it doesn't seem robust and big -- yet it is.


Last week Gargamel tooted[3] that Mastodon is poorly translated to some 
languages, Hungarian included. So I took some time and translated the strings 
not yet handled -- about 70% of the backend was not translated, so that was 
quite a large portion. Anyway, it's done now. Also I was thinking about 
rewriting the Hungarian Mastodon user guide, which was also translated by me, 
but now it is seriously outdated. 

I was wondering whether the lack (or the state) of translations is a reason 
behind very few Hungarians using Mastodon. Probably, but also it seems that we 
are simply a nation of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and such, since 
Mastodon and Diaspora[4] (and Gopher also!) seriously lacks Hungarian users.

Now it seems that Hungarian userbase will never reach a critical mass for these 
services. But one can still hope though.


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