Bidding on a Janata Reading

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Bidding on a Janata

Reading the ongoing thread between solderpunk[0] and Logout[1] about mechanical 
watches (the HMT part specifically) triggered me badly.

You see, I already own a HMT Jawan (silver housing, black plate). I have it 
since 2014 and I really like it because of its simplicity and reliability. It is 
not as big and as fancy as most of the recently manufactured wristwatches, and I 
also in love with it being a mechanical one. Winding it is kind of a ceremony 
for me.

Strange thing is that prior buying it I wasn't really aware of Hindustan Machine 
Tools in general. I was reading an article about the Ambassadors[2], the famous 
cabs of India and soon found out than they were produced by a company called 
Hindustan Motors. I don't actually remember how I ended up browsing HMT 
wristwatches, but you know the internet, you just click and click and click and 
you end up buying a vintage HMT Jawan, happened to all of us, right? Right?


Since then I've always planned getting another vintage HMT, a Pilot (it's 
iconic), a Sona (the fancy one) or a Janata (which comes in many different 
sub-models). The above mentioned thread made me speed up the process and kicked 
me out of the planning phase into the doing phase. So I am now bidding on an HMT 
Janata, it is most likely from the end of the '70s (probably 1978 or '79) and, 
according to the seller, it is in perfect working condition. This one has a 
white plate and a silver housing.

The best part is that instead of arabic numbers, it has *urdu* symbols, which 
makes it a bit weird but also damn awesome, something you don't actually 
encounter very often in the western world.


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