So I killed my birdsite

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/psztrnk/log/20171230.txt

So I killed my birdsite account

A couple of days ago I killed my birdsite account. Earlier this month I wrote this[0]:

"I won't theatrically join the #TwitterEvacuationDay campaign. I'll just wake up one day and decide that I don't need [a Twitter account] anymore. I'll push the 
button and -- poof, it'll be gone. Just like that, quick and quiet."

That day was December 24, 2017. Well, apart from the "poof" part: it seems that Twitter doesn't let you simply *delete* your account. You can only "deactivate" it 
and they swear that they'll remove the account with all the associated data *in 30 days*. If you happen to change your mind, they say.

I've spent more than ten years on Twitter. Before deleting (well, trying to delete) my account, I downloaded my data -- including all my tweets and my account 
information. It says I registed on November 26, 2007 at 10:05:18. I had 9,437 tweets.

Dear birdsite, after 10 years and almost ten thousand sent status messages one doesn't *accidentally* delete their account. Yes, I thought it through. No, I won't 
change my mind. Yes, I do want you to let me go. Just bloody let me. Please.

Anyway. I don't plan to recover my account. I consider it deleted, as I will not log in again to revert the process.


[0] https://paszternak.me/blog/too-much-social-networks