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Quansheng TG-93A
May 06th, 2020
As some of you might know, I am an HAM Radio Operator since end of last year. (I'll promise I will write a phlog post about that aswell)
Recently I got gifted a handheld radio with the name of Quansheng TG-93A. Its tbh the lowest end of handheld radios imho.
As a display it only has a 2 digit lcd screen ranging from 01-99, two buttons for setting the Channel, a turning nob for setting the volume,
a ptt button and a monitor button on the side. So far so good.
Now we come to the downsides. One of them is I cant seem to change the channel beyhond 09, because it jumps from 09 to 01 again. The only way I can
go further is if I activate the scan of the radio. The manual mentions something about one of the buttons for chaning the channels allows you to jump in
sets of 10 but I didnt get it to work. I also dont find a way to go down a channel.
That wouldnt be to bad, as I thought of using it as a emergency device for in my car so it'd have a selcted set of channels anyhow. The main problem was,
that I wasn't able to find a programming software for the radio, and the informations online were more than sparse.
So my first try was to take CHIRP (a open source radio programming tool) and test every baofeng radio it has. I tested especially the baofeng radios, because
baofeng is the biggest seller of chinese radios in the european market and I felt like it could be a even cheaper knock off of one of their radios, but
sadly that plan led to nothing.
As I had no ideas left I asked in one of the ham radio irc channels im in if someone had an idea, and one of the guys mentioned that it looked like a
baofeng 888S, thanks to D04AMF for that.
So the next thing I did I got myself the 888s progrmaming software, which I luckly found on throug website: https://www.dk9jc.de/blog/equipment/15-baofeng-pofung-bf-888s-test-und-programmierung
Downloaded and install, and there we have it I could read the programming of the radio.
But hold on just one second, now the software tells me this is a radio that shall work for the 27-72 MHz range. Well through to modern electronics that might aswell be, but
the frequencies I wanted to use it for are in the UHF/VHF spectrum. That wouldn't be a problem in the first place, but the Software is so tightend up that it won't let me
enter any frequencies that are not in the 27-72 MHz area.
So the next thing that I did was quite simple, I took the .dat file the software lets you safe for the codeplugs of your radio and looked at it with a hex editor, and
as it turns out the frequencies are written in there. So I simply changed them, open the file in the Software and programmed the radio with my desired frequencies.