Happy new tad bit too ve

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# New year, apathy, retro computing

Happy new year, a tad bit too late. I've been pretty busy, even though I

to personal photo-projects. I tend to buffer exposed color negatives, so
that I can get the most out of a C-41-kit from Tetenal. I wait until I
s because the working solution that you mix from the kit has a pretty
t before it is exhausted. An old friend of mine gave me all of his
and he figured I could get better use of the film than he. In exchange,
keeping for several years.  I also had some exposed rolls of my own that
and occupied almost all my time in the darkroom, but soon it will be
kind of photo project that I want to share there. I do share some on
(federated) social media though. Check our mmww@pixelfed.social if you
are interested.

Work has been busy as usual. We are having some major re-organizations
nternally, and it has been a strain on me and my colleagues. There is
always so much to do, and too few people to do it. It's a constant
bullshit is never fun.

old Atari STe and my C64c. I have my Atari set up in the small office I
Obsession is also great, and as much as I hate the music, I have to
admin that I kinda like Bomb Jack's gameplay. Rick Dangerous and Rodland
are also regularly running. Sometimes I also play a game of Joust.  The
Atari I'm using is hooked up to a Ultrastan which is a
uses a FAT-based filesystem, you can easily mount it and move files to
and from it with any semi-modern computer which is convenient. I also
nice to use. Recently I also completed the setup with a null-modem cable
that I've hooked up to the computer where I do my scan-work from. This
both makes it possible to use the Atari as a serial terminal to that
computer, but also to transfer files using Z-modem between the two
computers (even if it is painfully slow).  The C64c is located in my
apartment beside my regular computer, and I use a 1541 Ultimate
to fill a USB-stick with disk-images and run through them. I really
enjoy some new homebrew games, and I have even bought some that I
thought were interesting.  Sams Journey is a cool platformer that I play
a lot. I also play Fix It Felix Jr. It's exciting that these old
machines are still so entertaining.

months for me to update again.

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