An Introduction to Mobile Shortwave

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               A   G O P H E R   B U R R O W
 An Introduction to Mobile Shortwave Radios

[1] What is a shortwave radio?

[2] Why would anybody want or need one?

[3] What do I need to know to start using one?

[4] What differences are there between digital & analog?

[5] What radio accessories are especially useful for shortwave?

[6] How do bands, wavelengths & frequencies, kHz & MHz, differ?

[7] But what if I don't want to hunt on-the-go for stations?

[8] Where online can I get more information on mobile SW radios?

[9] Abbreviations and Terms

 [0] An intro to the Intro
The Intro is intended for those who are fairly mobile, seeking a
subscription-free alternative to radio via satellite or mobile
phone, unaware of shortwave radio, not averse to roughing it with
AM-sound, nor technically inclined nor hobby-oriented (modifying,
monitoring etc.). It assumes that transmissions from America and
Oceania are of primary interest to those seeking a retro mobile
radio for such an alternative. It is also a guide to help decide
among available options, particularly in the mid-price range
($50-$250 CAD) for radios to be used while traveling by surface
means: bike, car, RV, boat, etc.  It is modeled on Radio Shack's
"Shortwave Radio - Learning the Basics" and borrows some of its
material from there, as did also the original rec.radio.shortwave
FAQ, under 'Fair Use' provisions. However, unlike said FAQ, the
Intro rectifies errors & omissions found in the model.
Please contact Cameron Kaiser via the link at the end of his

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