Elsa Published on Wednesday,June

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Published on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

I've never been the type to plan before I implement. I think that
programming languages should first and foremost be used for
expression and exploration of ideas. Once the problem is
thoroughly understood, only then should it be made reliable and
resilient. You wouldn't make a pot out of bricks. But on the other
hand, you wouldn't make a house out of potter's clay either.

It's this duality that I'm interested in exploring by designing
this language. Though right now, I'm focusing on making the
perfect clay for expressing myself.

I'm a big fan of lisps and their macros, as elegant as they are
powerful. And dangerous, because I'm going for the unhygienic
variety. (I have my reasons.) And I think meta-programming is the
finest tool in a hacker's tool-box. So for this reason, the language
is a lisp. There are tons of other major influences, but this is
the single most important one.

And its name? Elsa. After my loving (and patient) wife. Though this
is bound to change in the future.
Perhaps to something related to clay...

<3 jzp