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Plain-text chat

Happy new year people of port 70!

For christmas I made myself a present with this beautiful machine[0].
I want to make it a part of the #pubnixverse, not sure of what I'll
be able to offer there but it's already a lot of fun setting up.

I've joined the 2019 finger revival intiated by solderpunk with his
cool fellosh tool[1].
You can check my latest project and plan with:

	finger julien@typed-hole.org

tomasino wrote some notes on how to install talkd[2] so if finger says
I'm available you can try to chat with me using:

	talk julien@typed-hole.org

I love the idea of making an alternative and better internet with those 
original tools and protocols.

In other news I'm getting married next week, can't wait!

Tags: #pubnix #finger #talk

[0] gopher://typed-hole.org/Iclusterhat.jpg
[1] gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space/0/~solderpunk/phlog/were-bringin-finger-back.txt
[2] gopher://gopher.black:70/1/phlog/20190102-talkd-on-ubuntu

Last update: 6 January, 2019