adulthood is driving me new hobbies

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adulthood is driving me insane.

new hobbies and new stuff to be creative with. There are some ways with which
feel powerless to do so, like I just don't have the energy to push the ink out
of the pen that should otherwise flow.

audience, so I stay in decent practice. Gopher's nice, too, because it's a
quiet place. The web feels far too streamlined and expectant -- like if there
aren't comments and page statistics then nobody's read your content and nobody
cares, and Gemini, while great for some people, just does't feel quite right
for journaling for me. I think Gopher's my sweet spot. Sometimes there are
comments, which I can moderate just by editing a text file, and sometimes
there are e-mails, but there's never the expectation of any of this; they're
forgotten about.

There is something about the 40 hour work week that I think makes being
creative a lot harder, especially when it's not your day job and your
"creativity" at your day job is just linked to either your problem-solving
and too tired to do anything else. Of course, there are those out there with
the resolve to work 60 or 80 or 100 hours a week and either don't complain or
me is a terrible one when after 40 hours, I am exhausted to the point I barely
feel like sticking poptarts in the toaster oven or watching TikToks on my
s mentally, spiritually, and/or creatively involved. Even this phlog I'm only
managing to turn out because I woke up early with heartburn after an effective
five day weekend due to me getting sick (not COVID) and also Hurricane Ida.

Now then, I could just be a hippie without a movement (after all, I do only
bother shaving about once a week or two), but I figure my experience is
"properly assimilate"). That, or maybe I'm just working the wrong job for me,
and whatever I'm doing shouldn't strip me of my dignity and my passion, and
to be middle class (i.e. do more than just put food on the table) and give me
the drive to do forty more hours of personal work in my off-time. I'm not sure
that I believe in such a thing, or at least the ready availability of it; I
think perhaps it's the mythology of a dead religion -- or at least a sleeping


to have small seizures. Since my mental breakdown last March I've gotten to
begin to, but as the months have gone by that's gotten a lot less frequent.
However, since I got sick and went to the doctor last Thursday, it seems like
they've been worse. Now that Ida's passed, I'm going to try and call them
today and ask about it. I've never been diagnosed with epilepsy, and I know I
the fact that certain antibiotics, including the one I am taking, can lower
the floor for seizures to occur in epileptic patients. This is probably the
urinary issues with the narcotics prescribed after my wisdom tooth surgery 6
years ago - so it's definitely not a fun experience. Oh well -- I'm sure I'll
be better soon. And hopefully can keep dodging COVID.