assignments done and pass my last

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This past week has been a lot, but I finally was able to get all of my
assignments done and pass my last class at the very last minute. I had been
to push myself over the mental barrier and get it all done (without completely
all my classes, and I'm on my way to getting my degree (once I write the final
essay that I need to do as a graduation requirement, which doesn't have a time
limit, but I'd like to get it done ASAP). Hopefully I can get it done tomorrow
or sometime this week and finally be able to put Millsaps behind me. So much
of it has been hellish, but some of it was good at least, so I'll be happy to
a second undergrad degree in International Liberal Arts and Digital Studies.
We'll see as time goes on.

Other than that, I've finally had some time to recharge over this weekend and
also finally cut my hair. I really want a new electronics/computer project to
buying a USB modem with a built-in line voltage simulator so that I can get my
Dreamcast online and maybe play a few of the online games available for it. I
also really want to solder something up, on a scale similar to my Altair, but
that takes a lot of time and money (and also finding the right project). If
anyone has any good recommendations, feel free to e-mail them to me
(jebug29@sdf.org) or to message them to me on Mastodon

been a whiiile since I was actually actively listening (pretty much dropped
off once I started working), but eventually I'll just mosey my way back in and
try not to disappear off the face of the Earth again. There's always the
archives, yeah, but I feel like 90% of the show for me is interacting on
COM/IRC, not necessarily the music itself (which is great, but still). We'll
absent for so long ^^; I promise I'll come back soon. jebug does not have a

on my PowerBook G3 Wallstreet through NiftyTelnet because I love the way that
the keyboard feels and Mac OS 9's aesthetic is just so comfortable for me. I
my good ol' PowerBook just seems special to me. Maybe it's just that weird
tools/settings/misc things just to write specific things or to do specific
kinds of writing. I once postponed practicing Japanese for months because I
assignments I get done I have to either write out on pencil first or actually
type them on a typewriter just to get my thoughts through (and whether the
typewriter is mechanical or electric is a thing that's influenced too). I
their writing. Let me know (or phlog about it!). What are yer tools, Unix

Anyway that's all for now. I think I might try and write up the essay I need
to do on Gopher at some point in the next few days as a phlog, but we'll see
mind I have for the essay for a good week now, and right now I'm really just
actually try to write it once, but it turned into a trauma dump so I threw it
out -- gotta avoid that the second time around). Here's to it.

Bye for now! ~jebug29