arguments for whichever client re i

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/jebug29/log/2019-03/26-2318

Hi hi again again!

arguments for whichever client you're using), in the ~/.grc file OR now 
a system-wide config file at /etc/g. I figured this would be nice to 

`g --default-config` or `g --example-config`

associated with certain settings (for example, `g cosmic.voyage Quartz` 
or `g sdf jebug29`), but I'll hold off on that for now. If I update it 
n the future, I'll be sure to phlog about it :>

Anyway, enjoy! And if you use g, I'd love to know about it! Just drop me 
an e-mail at jebug29@sdf.org :p

See ya!

file, since the only option in it was "use_lynx", which has now been