and answer five of the questions

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/jebug29/log/2018-09/18-1450

Soooo I just got a 66 on a test because I read the instructions wrong 
(and didn't answer five of the questions that I was supposed to). I 
anyway, but it would have definitely helped. (It would have also helped 
f the teacher didn't refuse to give us a study guide and basically just
tell us that we needed to study all six of the chapters it took us a 
month to get through but y'know). At least I'm done with that section of 
the class. Hopefully it won't bring my grade down too much with the 
other sections. I just want to get this semester over and done with.

Welp now I just need to wait for Computer Club, and I guess get some 
other assignments done in the meantime. Great