Most of my stress right now

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*that* stressed. Most of my stress right now is just having to deal with 
the fact that I have like zero dollars in my bank account, but hopefully 
that will change whenever I finally start getting paid for my Eudora 
Welty job (for the semester, different from the job I had during the 

So for this semester I have three different classes, a directed study, 
and two student organizations to run. Plus I'm working as the programmer 
n a project we're doing for the Eudora Welty Fellows. So I have:
- Intro to Creative Writing (I've already taken higher classes but it's 
	a requirement)
- British and American Literary History I
- Money, Markets, and Leadership
- English Interpretations/Creative Writing in a Digital Frame of 
	Reference (Directed Study)
- Eudora Welty Fellowship work
- President of the Millsaps Computer Club
- President of the Society for the Advancement of Electronic Culture 
	(SAEC aka Nerd Club)
- Millsaps International Buddy

Now that I've listed it it feels like I'm doing a lot looool. I really 
of my books because I couldn't afford them, but that's about the most 
every so often. I found out today my stepdad doesn't have anything as 
far as work right now (he's a contractor), so they don't have much 
either. I think I'll get paid $250 a month from October through 
December (before taxes and my cable bill), but I'm not sure after that. 
Hopefully I'll be able to stay at Millsaps through the end of March 
before study abroad and work, but if not I guess I'll have to try and 
find work at home. There just isn't any real IT work as far as I know at 
for three months). Maybe I could try substitute teaching if nothing 
else, as long as it's still not a requirement to have a degree.

aNYWAY sorry if I'm absent from stuff like Wasabi and Mastodon a lot. 
to tune in off and on. I was actually planning on listening Sunday 
night, but I was working on rebuilding the Computer Club website and 
next thing I knew it was 10:00pm (2 hours after Wasabi my time). The 
be long before everything's done.

able to contribute. We accept all donations! (I do too... lol)

Anyway, that's all for now! If you haven't done so, check out the 
Millsaps Computer Club gopher server! It's located on port 70 at