few days Monday or since Sunday

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My glasses have shipped! Hopefully I'll get them sometime in the next 
few days (Monday or Tuesday, since Sunday delivery isn't a thing). I'll 
be sure to post pictures on Mastodon when I get them (maybe heheh).

nsane. I was like 175 or 180 whenever I started college, and I dipped
as low as 185 in the past year. I hate it. I hate being fat. It royally 
medium shirts fit on me well, I could fit into 34x32 (or 34x30, which I 
that sucked was that *finally* after losing weight and trying to feel 
better about how I looked, my dang hair started falling out. At 15/16. 
to be working, and lose weight (which I'm obviously not making much 
live thirty seconds away from the HAC (Millsaps' student gym, 
basically). Although, as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather stay out of 

before, in twelfth grade. I was using minoxidil, pumpkin seed oil, and 
vitamin B5 (plus Tio Nacho shampoo), and I made enormous progress on 
classes half the day, and the rest of the day I was free to do whatever 
after the turn of the year, my grandpa started going down hill, 
back to me. By that summer, more had fallen out than it ever had. It 

Currently I've changed my regimine a little bit (I can post this 
eventually if someone wants to know), and it seems to be improving. I 
and my hair growth. The only real concern I have is that when you lose 
n regulating hair growth and appetite (meaning the more weight you
lose, the hungrier you get. And the more difficult it is for your hair 
to grow). I'm fairly positive this is why my hair had the dramatic 
fallout it did when I lost weight to begin with. I need to know how to 
keep my leptin levels up to help me lose weight and retain my hair, so 
that's on my research agenda. Hopefully I can find something to help.

That's all for now! Have a good day!